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The movement of Social Proof Success™ started as a simple concept - to help entrepreneurs obtain elements of having a full-service PR agency in their back pocket. As a subsidiary brand of The Official Maleeka Group, an Atlanta-based full-service public relations and brand communications agency, the Social Proof Success™ brand is all about offering practical and actionable DIY public relations solutions for entrepreneurs and small business owners.    

At Social Proof Success™, we value transparency, authenticity, and simplicity.

We are leaders in this lane.

We set the standard for public relations solutions.

We are FOR the entrepreneur.

We are FOR the small business owner.

We are FOR you.

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Meet Maleeka

Maleeka T. Hollaway is the Social Proof founder and leader. Her expertise has been featured on over 25 platforms including Forbes,, Addicted 2 Success, and The Atlanta Tribune (Did we mention Entrepreneur and Business insider already?)

After starting her business as an internationally certified life and business success coach, Maleeka decided to expand her communication skills into a role she felt would be most challenging ... and rewarding. She quickly pivoted her business model and her brand messaging to stake a claim in public relations. And, in 2019, she was recognizes for her excellence in the industry with the Publicist of the Year award by SpeakerCON.

Maleeka is just one of over 1,100+ awesome members in our community. Engage with her and us online in our Facebook community.

Our Process

Because our parent company is a PR agency, we work a little differently: 

We may start an intro quiz to help you (and us) understand where you are in your journey. Or, you may opt to start learning with one of our free training videos. You should, from the beginning, join our online community and get acclimated with how we do business. 

When you are ready, we will present the most beneficial solutions to help you reach your goals. From day one, our every effort is focused on helping you grow your social proof so you can grow your business. 

Long story short...

Social proof brings credibility and visibility to your brand so you can grow your business. 

Our work never stops because change is inevitable. When we learn something new, we promise to share it with you. 

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your business by growing your social proof?

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